Nerp! URL Shortener + Chrome Extension, 2014

Nerp! URL Shortener + Chrome Extension, 2014

Flask/Database development: Brian Carlo, Andy Huang | Front-end collaborator: David Eicke

Final Project: [student project] Our class was challenged with building our own URL shorter.

Description: Building the URL shortener required knowledge of Flask, databasing, Javascript, forms, CSS, and HTTP requests.  After we built the URL shorter we decided to also make a chrome extension for the application.

Design Process: I collaborated on the front-end and our intention was to make the site a bit silly; we thus spoofed some of the popular websites by putting a compilation of fail videos as the background. It took quite some time to match everything up but was truly a rewarding process. We decided to use the site title and name, “Nerp” as an verb to not only add to the silliness but make the user experience a tad more fun.

Live Site


Design, Mobile, User Experience