Hasnain Nazar

My name is Hasnain Nazar and I am a first year masters student at the School of Information at UC Berkeley. I am getting my degree in Information Management and Systems and am focusing on user experience and product design. Before I started my masters program I was Director of Technology of the Everett program. Everett is based out of UCSC and focuses on information communication technology for development (ICT4D) and Social Entrepreneurship. We trained undergraduate students to become enterprising IT-literate activists who pursued sustainable development by working with both local and global organizations. I myself worked on projects locally (Watsonville, Santa Cruz, D.C.) and globally (Nigeria and Malaysia).


I now am excited to be in the field of UX at UC Berkeley! I hope to use this masters in order to pursue my interests around the digital divide/internet access, law & privacy, open data and design thinking for social good!

Projects I am Currently Working On

  • Digital Divide – Bringing connectivity to Rural Northern California via a broad band service. I am researching and evaluating questions such as: Is internet a human right? What are the changes (positive and negative) felt by a community new to high speed internet?
  • Currently serving as the youngest board of director for a nonprofit in the Bay Area focused on cultivating critically-engaged, confident – American-Muslim citizens.
  • Developing camps and unconferences for various communities – kids to nonprofit organizations. I’m lucky enough to help with at-least 4 big events a year and over 30 continuous ones (benefits of being a student!)

Graduate Classes

Current Classes:

  • INFO 214 Needs & Usability Assessment
  • INFO 247 Information Visualization & Presentation
  • INFO 298 Bridging the Digital Divide: Internet Delivery to Rural Communities
  • INFO 203 Social & Organizational Issues of Information
  • INFO 203 Information Law & Policy

Past Classes:

  • INFO 214 User Experience Design & Development
  • INFO 253 Web Architecture
  • INFO 202 Information Organization & Retrieval
  • INFO 290 Information Communication Technology for Development
  • INFO 206 Distributed Computing Applications & Infrastructure

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